Flags and Track



(swedish flag) Start.

Yellow flag

Yellow flag or blinking light means caution. Drivers requires to slow down due to a hazard on the track.something is blocking the road, drive slow. No overtaking is allowed.


Red flag or blinking light means stop. Drive to the side and stand stop.

Blue flag

Faster car approaching, drive to the left side and let the faster car overheal

Varning flag - Unsportsmanlike conduct

A diagonally-divided black-and-white flag is displayed to indicate a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Black flag


Finish flag

The chequered flag is displayed at the start/finish line to indicate that the current session has been completed. Drive slowley one lap to start/finish line. No overtaking is allowed.








Track: Indoor

Lenghts: 200 meters

Underlag: Concrete

Everage speed: ca 45 km/h





Dino Leisure Line

Engine: Honda 270cc 9hk

Feul: Alkylate gasoline

Exhaust purification: Katalytic

Toppspeed: ca 70 km/h

Minimum length of driver: 150 cm




Children carts

Brand: Caroli mini hammer

Engine: Honda 200cc 6,5hk

Feul: Alkylatbensin

Exhaust purification: Katalysator

Minimum age of driver: 7år

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