Food and Beverage



Food and Beverage



From 4 person you can pre-order coffe, cakes or sandwiches, that will be served in the Go cart hall.



Cinnamon bun.................20 SEK/stk

Chocolate cake with cream...........35 SEK/stk

Pie with seasonal frut and berrys with vanillacream 65 kr SEK/stk



Tyroler plate - 125 SEK

with pretzels, cheddar cheese, gorgonzola, brie

schwartzwald ham, salami, tomato, cucumber, grapes and melon.


Three racing rolls - 135 kr/portion

Baguette, butter, parma ham with apel and creme cheese,

Bresola ham with gorgonzolacremé und ruccola,

Smoked lamb with apel and cranberrycremé


Homemade Soup with bread - 75 kr/portion Choose between pumpkin, crayfish, mushroom oder gulasch.




Bread rool with cheese and ham 30 SEK

Baguette with shrimp- or chickenfilling 65 SEK

Swedishe Sandwich-cake with shrimps and salmon 85 SEK/Portion

Swedishe Sandwich-cake with italian infuences with Mozzarella und Parma ham 85 SEK/Portion



Soft Drinks, Water, Light beer 20 SEK

Soft Drinks, coca-cola, fanta, sprite 25 SEK

Coffe, Tee 20 SEK



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